SmartPedal Labs

About Us

At SmartPedal Labs, we develop solutions that increase the mileage and range of electric, hybrid, gas, and diesel vehicles.

Our award-winning pedal signal correction makes electronic pedals smarter by enabling them to identify and eliminate changes in requested speed due to pedal fluttering by the driver. Eliminating these unwanted changes improves mileage and prolongs the life of the powertrain.

Culminating five years of development, our aftermarket solutions are designed to increase the mileage and range of light-duty cars, trucks and vans. With industry partners, we also develop custom OEM solutions for defense platforms, including both combat and logistics vehicles.

Our solutions are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA to ensure the highest quality.  For non-military vehicles, installation is usually completed in 2-5 minutes without tools or special training.

Founded in 2011 by Marc Lurie and Attila Vass, SmartPedal Labs is privately held. The company's fuel-saving hardware and software solutions have been granted multiple patents.